Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cosplay Hack- Wigs part 2 how to hide long hair

I'm going through some serious hair control problems at the moment, but it will all work out. At the moment I decided to make the jump and begin transitioning. Now transitioning means In lieu of relaxing my hair by chemically treating my naturally curly hair to straighter strands, I am now restoring my hair back to its natural state and it will take some protective styles to help with the process. Part of this decision was because I began coloring my hair purple and perms plus bleached hair do not mix. Now my hair is braided with extensions and it's been growing like crazy. Going out this morning I wanted to be able to sport a new look without having to take all of my braids out just yet. As cosplayers you know what comes next- it's time to try on one of my new wigs I got for cosplay.

Some people have asked me how I can hide all of my hair in a wig, but what sealed the deal in writing this was a comment I saw on YouTube. A biracial young girl was looking to figure out a way to hide her hair under a wig for cosplay and, as she claimed, was much thicker than the the woman's hair in the video she had just witnessed. As someone who has a mixture of West Indian and African American hair, my heart bleeds for this girl. My way is a bit different compared to other techniques so I made sure to have everything laid out in very easy instructions for everyone. If you need any assistance make sure to contact me to make things clearer for you. Here is what I did to hide my braids under my wig:

1. Cornrow your hair like a boss

I like to divide my hair into four large cornrows straight back, having two have always given me weird bumps under my wigs. This way this evens out the surface area a bit more. Doesn't have to be neat. 

2. Begin to coil them in between your braids 

Taking the part of your braid not pressed to your head, begin to lay them in between each cornrows. This way, you will have a much more even surface which will translate well to your over all look of your wig. Bobby pin that shit and keep it moving!

3. Put on your mesh wig cap

Once you've properly placed your wig cap take a bobby pin and pin down the closure up top. This is also a time when some take a second wig cap and wear it. I didn't wear one because I dig the volume, but if you want that nice sleek look when wearing your wig, a flesh colored normal wig cap can be put on top.

4. Once you're done put your wig on, step out, and take on the world like a Queen (or King).  

These are two separate occasions where I was able to hide my long hair. The one where I was wearing a beanie, I utilized the two cap method. Depending on your tolerance I can see this causing headaches. My head is larger, so I like to make sure I take the time to stretch the flesh colored wig cap before I put it on.

Then once you're ready, brush it out and go onto the world with your bad self. 


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